Sunday, November 30, 2014

Family Memories

The experience of photography is more than getting a picture made. It is a beautiful and fun process to find that laughter, that joyful spark that makes someone feel special. That is when a photograph becomes a moment to remember. You can look back and relive the feeling of joy or conflict or pride you felt at that moment. Taking pictures is done by everyone. But I love the craft of making simple life into grand moments that remind our hearts of great achievement, of joyful times, of passions and love.
These two boys will always remember this Thanksgiving day in Murfreesboro, waiting for turkey dinner, unpacking Christmas decorations...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekend Warrior

Photography is a joy! I love the fresh experience of creating something new every time I shoot. As part of the creative design process I've been shooting events and portraits professionally since 2008. As a weekend warrior I love to meet new people and create memories together. Pictures tell a tale. They can transport us back in time, Make us believe in something geater than our own experience, or take us to a fantasy realm where we are the prince and princess. There is always a story to tell. 

I am Daniel... storyteller... poet... photographer