Wednesday, December 31, 2014

High school portraits... for MEN

Young men, and boys, in High school can feel a bit awkward getting their picture taken. Pictures feel like a beauty thing... for the girls! Even for the guys who love their own looks (and we all know a few of those). But every one has some interest or hobby. It might be playing video games or drawing, playing sports or collecting baseball cards. I love hearing about what you do for fun! And if it's hangin' out at the Sonic, well, that can make a great memory, and a great portrait.

Jon and his family wanted a great high school portrait before he left home. He was somewhat reluctant, but once we spent a few minutes together learning what he was interested in, we had a great time. We scheduled the gym, he got to show off some of his athletic skills, and we took a few more formal style pictures too.

Contact me today and let's do something great with your portraits!

Castle Gwynn!

I drive past the beautiful Castle Gwynn every few days, but it is another location that I have yet to shoot, until the other morning when I drove near on my motorcycle and managed to get this pretty pic! The annual Renaissance fair on the grounds of the castle draws people from all around the country. Each year I like to do a themed photo shoot in the area for *cosplay artists, LARPers and renaissance styled photos to coincide with the fair weekends. Let me know if you want to be involved in a shoot in May. For first person or group to book portraits in Renaissance period or **punked costume, NO CHARGE for the shoot and social media pics!

My authentic location is rocky and wooded, only a couple miles from the castle and festival - Send me a message me to shoot!

* That's "Costume-play" and "Live Action Role Players" in case you were wondering!
** "Punked" refers to modernization of period clothing - adapting old techniques with modern style.