Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Out for a walk one day I realized how beautiful the simple brick apartment building looked across the calm water. I have gotten paid to shoot real estate, special events and products, but this is really one of my favorites just as it is, or was.

Events and marketing materials can always use a scenery shot to help tell the complete story, and I enjoy going back over a period of days to find the right lighting and angle for pics. Contact me for your real-estate or business photos!

Park shoot

Patricia invited me to shoot her portrait near the athletic park in Nolensville, between spots of chilling rain this spring. The shed doors turned into the perfect spot for this punk look. Thanks, Patricia, for bringing so many wardrobe options and being prepared for the weather!
I'd like to shoot some more portrait sessions in Nolensville this summer. There are endless creative locations in this small town. Contact me for a creative portrait, or new professional head shot!