Friday, April 3, 2015

Francis Crandall - 99 years old

Rev. Francis Gilbert Crandall went to be with Jesus at the young age of only 101 and a half... (I told him we count halves after 100). His (auto)biography has been dictated and is being re-written for publication - planned for release in 2019. Contact me if you'd like to be notified when it publishes!

original post:
Francis Crandall is going to be 100 years old soon! I got a chance to sit with him and take his portrait, listen to his stories and record some of them. His biography is this old man's 100-year birthday wish?
Do you know someone over 75 who you would like to remember with a portrait, or personal video? Contact me today and I'll work with them to capture their story, and their image, for generations to come.

Corporate Images

One of the joys of being a corporate photographer is the different kinds of people you meet at  events, seminars, on the job and at company parties. When the camera comes around the smiles come out and the laughter starts, or people run and hide. There are such diverse personalities in every business, but everyone is a beautiful person to the camera. I love the candid opportunities to document real life, real work, and real people!