Wednesday, December 31, 2014

High school portraits... for MEN

Young men, and boys, in High school can feel a bit awkward getting their picture taken. Pictures feel like a beauty thing... for the girls! Even for the guys who love their own looks (and we all know a few of those). But every one has some interest or hobby. It might be playing video games or drawing, playing sports or collecting baseball cards. I love hearing about what you do for fun! And if it's hangin' out at the Sonic, well, that can make a great memory, and a great portrait.

Jon and his family wanted a great high school portrait before he left home. He was somewhat reluctant, but once we spent a few minutes together learning what he was interested in, we had a great time. We scheduled the gym, he got to show off some of his athletic skills, and we took a few more formal style pictures too.

Contact me today and let's do something great with your portraits!